Trust Your Process!

I’m sure I’m not the only person who prefers going through self-checkout lines at stores in hopes of getting out faster than standing in the regular checkout lines. What I’ve discovered however is sometimes the self checkouts aren’t fast at all!  On many occasions it’s actually taken me longer to check out due to small reasons like annoying computer glitches. It’s funny but something so common as buying groceries and going through the self-checkout line has helped me realize I struggle with patience!

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I find that I am often rushing things, situations, people, and even myself!  This is common for young adults like myself and we struggle with trusting our process. For one, we’re all glued to our phones and obsessed with social media and following the lives of others who inspire us in many different ways. For me, I’ve noticed I was doing a lot of time comparing. For example, “Hey she just got engaged, why aren’t I engaged yet”? Or “Wow, I wish I could hurry and finishing getting my degree so I can move out and start living like her”. I began to realize that the more I time-compared, the more unhappiness and stress I was creating for myself!

 Having a lack of patience can put a strain your on self-confidence and can really damage your relationship with others. As young women I know we often rush our partners to reach a level we feel they should be on. I had to find out the hard way that’s the last thing you should do! Yes, it’s always great to push a person to their fullest potential but I ended up spending way too much time and energy on them and none on me. 

          & what about when we rush our decision making and end up with something that isn’t good for us! For example; rushing ourselves and accepting a job offer just to realize the job wasn’t the right fit for you! Or rushing and signing a lease to a new apartment/home without being fully financially secure to afford it! The amount of disappointments we receive from always being in a rush should be all the motivation needed to understand that we have to slow down!!

Practicing good patience makes us happier and healthier people! I love how rapper Young Jeezy has manifested the “Trust Your Process” slogan by reminding us through his Instagram captions to appreciate our growth as an individual. I too have realized that I need to start living more in the moment and stop obsessing over things I have no control over. I have to allow God to direct my steps, for he is the only author of my life! 

—> So I have come up with a new way to help me develop better patience with myself. I thought about my life as a self-checkout line…think of your body as a cart at the store…write out a “grocery list” of things you can buy or invest into that will be placed in your cart. These things essentially will be the ingredients you need to make you a better you<—

Here’s my grocery list: 

        I need to invest more time into praying and asking God to continue installing faithinto me and trusting his word more.

        I need to invest in practicing self-gratification by setting a daily reminder on my phone to remind myself to reflect on my small achievements from the day and how I conquered them.

        I need to spend less time focusing on my flaws and instead hyper focus on the positives about myself!

        I need to start buying myself things like flowers to show myself appreciation (I don’t need a guy to do that!)

        I need to invest more time into me and less time on social media! Perhaps by purchasing more literature like self-help books and entrepreneur books to continue feeding my brain with more knowledge!

        I need to begin protecting my space and only allowing others who motivate and uplift me to get my time! 

I need to spend more time with my family. I will ask my mom and grandmother about their personal struggles and experiences growing up to learn different perspectives on ways to trust my own process! 

Everything on my list I have been doing for the past month and boy has it been working for me!!! I now appreciate where I am in life and am even more excited about what’s to come in the future! I hope you too write out your grocery list and find new ways to trust your process…You can do it!

       Thanks for reading!

          Peace, Blessings, & Therapy,


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