Our blessings can come disguised!

Have you ever prayed for something and God gives it to you but not in the way you asked for it. I mean like really prayed for something, maybe even cried for it because you wanted it or something to happen so bad? What about when it happens or when you get that thing but along with it came great pains? Is it still what you want?

I’ve noticed I am not comfortable with accepting challenges I didn’t sign up for and that’s just real. I’m in tune with being in control of my life and I’m finding out that I’m actually not! Especially when I pray to God for something and expect it to come wrapped in pink wrapping paper with a big pretty bow on the top and it doesn’t.  

Recently, I had been praying hard for a relationship between me and one of my family members to get better but I had no idea God was going to place me so close to this person that at times it feels like I am going to scream from frustration. I was letting my anger get the best of me. I worried. I was defensive. I still reacted like a teenager with my loved one when they upset me but there I was telling God they are the problem and asking him to fix them and not myself! I asked God why did they have to come back in my life in this way. It wasn’t fair. Or least I thought it wasn’t.

The relationship was still not getting better so I had to take a step back. I had to regroup and analyze my own behaviors and reactions. I had to look at my own situation from another perspective. I realized I wrong. I was looking at my situation as distress and realized this was indeed my test! When I finally accepted God’s challenge I was staring right back at the very thing I had been praying for; to have a relationship with my loved one again!

Sometimes we forget our prayers and rely only upon receiving the blessings. We forget that good things take time. We forget to work for it. We fixate on our pains and allow our negative emotions to overwhelm us. We fail to see the blessing in disguise.

What has God placed in your life right now that may be your test? What has he given you but maybe not in the form you wanted? Take a moment to think about your recent prayers and then think about the things you have and the people in your life. Are those things or those people not the very thing you have been praying for all along? Have you been going about everything wrong like I was? As adults, it’s important for us to be honest about our faults. No one is perfect. God is trying to show us this. Through our test and trials, God is revealing to us that everything we think we want, we sometimes already have! I pray all of my readers blessings in disguise are revealed through good spirits. I’m sending lots of love and positive vibes your way!  

Thanks for reading!

Peace, Blessings, & Therapy,


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