Mask Off:

There’s probably nothing more annoying than getting on social media and seeing people who you know present themselves as something they are not! Like the guy who’s in a full blown relationship but he’s constantly dm’ing you but has the nerve to posts cute pictures of him and his girl stating in his caption how “in love and loyal he is”. Or the girl who claims she has all these imaginary “haters” but in reality you know it’s really her who’s hating on everyone else! What about you though…have you too put on a front for the world and worn a mask that you shouldn’t? Maybe a mask that says “I’m okay” but in reality you’re falling apart? Or the mask “I love my life” but in reality your faith is growing weaker and weaker but you refuse to confess that? Yeah, me too!

I’ve grown to realize that it’s sometimes human nature for us to wear masks that conceal who we really are or how we really feel. Wearing these fake masks serve as a defense to keep not only others out of our life situations but also to help ease the pain of real issues going on inside of you.

Believe it or not but in college I struggled with confidence and a consistent mask I wore was, “I’m confident in who I am”; Yeah right! Lol. I remember I use to try to blend in and never stand out! I rarely went into the large lunchroom (at UofL we call it the SAC) where majority of all the college students ate because I didn’t want anyone to notice me. I believed I wasn’t popular enough to fit in with the other students because I wasn’t apart of a sorority and I didn’t live on campus so I didn’t know too many people as a commuter.  So instead I wore the mask “I’m confident in who I am…and that’s why I am a low-key person”! Lol, it’s makes me laugh now because when I think about it, I really didn’t want to be so low-key, I forced myself to be. It took me until my senior year of college to work more my self-esteem as a young adult and tune out all negativity like others opinions. Once I challenged myself to come out of my shell and be more engaged, I finally felt like I was living out the full college experience. I really wish I would have taken that mask off sooner though; I know I missed out on some many other friendships and opportunities by isolating myself.

My senior year of college when I was apart of University of Louisville’s first majorette team; The Dazzling Cardettes!
Senior year when i was apart of the “Hop like a Que” competition. So much fun!

 Now that I am 24 and a lot more self-assured, I feel so much better about myself.  I try not to wear so many masks anymore. I’m not transparent but I’m defiantly more honest with myself and others because real people connect to  other real people who too have real problems!  Trust me, I’m no expert in anything in life and I am still learning just as you are. I still get anxious about things, cry over failures, and put unrealistic expectations on others. I am as human as the next person. Even my clients have challenged me with the “fix me, because you’re a therapist” line & I have to remind them that “sorry, I don’t have all the answers, nor do I want too”! I encourage my clients to allow me to be the passenger in their life and help them navigate through. 

Besides, I don’t want to have all the answers in life! I want to allow God to break me down so that he can teach me how to build myself back up again! Metaphorically, there’s beauty in being broken and then being whole again! We all are doing the best we know how and that’s what makes us enough!

Just #dabbing with two of my Social Work classmates, lol

So what mask are you wearing today? I encourage you to try to begin pulling that mask off! Challenge yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone while still staying true to who you are.  Allow others to see the real you; you’re awesome as you are!

Thanks for Reading!

Peace, Blessings, & Therapy,


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