Life at 25

Life after college and turning 25 has been busy and repetitive. 25 is like that creepy age where you’re right in the middle of life-still young enough to take over the world but also closer to 30 and feeling it lol. Sometimes I have the energy and go out and enjoy myself at a party but majority of the time i rather snuggle on the couch after work and watch my favorite Youtube channel and eat mint chocolate chip ice cream! 

So much changes once you reach your mid 20’s! Some things I was prepared for and some I was not… here’s three major changes I’ve noticed since turning 25:

Friendships either last or they don’t.

It’s true, some friendships don’t last forever and sometimes nothing major has even had happened for them to have ended. People grow up, grow apart and take different directions in life and that’s okay. On the other hand, life can grow you away from people because you both no longer serve purpose in each other’s life or it’s not even on purpose. We all have lives and get busy. Like any relationship, friendships take work too! My girlfriends mean a lot to me-they are my support system, they keep me grounded, and keep me laughing. That’s why age 25 has me working a lot harder on keeping good friends in my circle by planning fun things for us to do together each month and also communicating and checking in with them outside of social media!  

My tolerance for BS is long gone!!!!

Okay so this is a big one for me because whew chile’ do I no longer have the tolerance for things I once did in my younger 20’s lol. I like this though because i have grown a higher confidence level as a woman. Each day I’m learning more and more about who I am and I’m not going to let anyone treat me lesser than. Sometimes our  humbleness can confuse people with weakness! & now when this happens, I speak on it, directly and politely. I know standing up for myself, setting my standards high, and continuing to be productive will continue to get me far in both my professional and personal life.

Spice ya’ Life up!! 

I love having a field related career and being a mental health therapist but I’ve noticed that a stable lifestyle can become boring if you let it! It’s important to stay in tune with having fun and finding new hobbies and social groups.Aside from blogging, I found a new hobby to spice my life up! I have been participating in a weekly local dance fitness class through Water Works Dance company owned by professional dancer and instructor Alex Betts from Louisville, Ky. Dancing has become therapeutic for me because it has allowed me to physically drain out and let go of any negative emotions or vibes I have experienced throughout the week. I have made numerous of new friends in the class and we’ve shared so much laughter and good times together. It’s been so much fun dancing to routines and posting the videos to my social media pages for my followers to watch and enjoy. Not to mention the boost of confidence level I’ve gained since shedding inches and losing pounds while dancing!

Clink his link for more info on the dance class –>

Beyond all I have been learning so far at age 25, I will say I am thankful for all of my blessings thus far and look forward to continuing my journey as a young woman.Feel free to leave any comments below of things you’ve noticed in your own life since turning 25, i’d love to read about them!

Thanks for reading!

Peace, blessings & therapy,


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