#BossBae: Keanu’ ; The Microblading Brow Slayer !

I’m proud to announce my very first #BossBae is Keanu’ Tucker. She is the owner of Blissful Glam Bar, a native of Louisville, KY & the eyebrow slayer risk taker! 


Hi everyone, I am an eyebrow artist who is also a certified Microblading Artist. I offer services such as eyebrow waxing, tinting, and microblading. I built my business only just six months ago and partnered up with Dattilo’s Hair Studio where I built my clientele and got in the swing of being a business owner. I am blessed to say just six months after building my business, I have merged with Elite Microblading to bring Black Label Artistry and Training Academy, opening APRIL 2018 in Simpsonville. Due to the merge, Black Label Artistry will be offering many more services such as lash lift, teeth whitening, permanent eyeliner and lip liner, to name a few! 

FUN FACT: I really enjoy doing eyebrow tinting because I like to paint and eyebrow tinting can feel similar to painting an eyebrow. However, Microblading gives me a rush that is so satisfying. Seeing the look on my clients faces when they see their new set of brows gives me the chills. I love it!

My journey has had PLENTY of ups and downs but I couldn’t have it any other way. In my free time I love trying new things and making new memories with the people I love. I believe that even if the whole world is against your idea, if GOD approves, it’s already yours. With that being said, I hope to inspire others with my journey, to chase their own dreams and not take no as an answer.


So Keanu’ I have been following your journey for a while now on social media and have seen how you took a leap of faith into doing what you love! What was your biggest motivator to step into the beauty industry? Has this been something you have always wanted to do?

I love the “GRIND”. I love doing eyebrows, don’t get me wrong, but I love the hustle of it all the most! In high school, I jailbroke and replaced cracked iphone screens, and did sew ins, on the side of working a part-time job. If I’m not continuously being challenged, I lose interest quickly and give up. The grind doesn’t stop and you never know what to expect, which I love the most.

Being unhappy and bored with my life is what led me to taking a leap of faith. I worked every single day for a month and a half. I felt like I was working extremely hard but to help make someone else dreams come true, instead of my own. I had recently enrolled back into college but shortly realized that I was still not interested.

I continued to work and soon I realized that I should be my own boss instead. A year prior to this, I came across a new technique and was AMAZED by the results of Microblading. I already had an obsession with eyebrows. After a whole year of self doubting, I told myself I would go for it and not look back.. best decision I could have made!

As a mental health therapist, I have learned that our own life experiences plays an important role in who we are as person and how we feel about ourselves. Have you personally encountered a life changing incident that has molded you into the young woman you are today? If so, can you share with us.

Losing myself played a HUGE role in this whole journey. 

After graduating high school, I wanted to attend college for the experience but never really for the actual studies. What led me to giving it a try was receiving a full scholarship to UofL. Family repeatedly told me that I MUST give it a try. Doing things for other people’s satisfaction led me to being so unmotivated and bored. After returning two times hoping for a change and a positive outlook on college, I later decided that college was just not for me at the moment. I was fed up with pleasing others and not doing what was right for myself.

MANY people are taken by surprise when I say that I dropped out of college and do not have a degree, but I am a business owner. Today’s society standards tricks us into believing that you can’t be successful or build a stable empire/life without going to college first. I took a different route and still ended up the exact place I prayed to be at.

I knew that if it was meant to be at the time, I would have felt differently. GOD just simply had another plan for me that just happened to be different from all of my friends. I felt like my talents were dying daily due to performing a job that was not-self satisfying. I need to continue being challenged in order to remain interested and it was not doing so. Being unhappy definitely helped mold me into the young woman I am today. I could never go back to the old version of myself.

I have been impressed with girls like yourself who have educated themselves on these crafts and made a business out of it. Can you tell us about any challenges and your personal outlook on being in an industry where there are a lot of other girl bosses doing what you do? 

I believe in supporting other girl bosses rather than competing. I receive emails and messages all of the time from women reaching out concerning how to get started as a microblading Artist. I love it. It makes me feel so good knowing that someone would even look at my journey and decide to make the first move to changing their life, asking how to get started. I follow many girl bosses in the beauty industry on my business page but I’m very picky on who. I make sure that I follow accounts who believe in inspiring and uplifting one another. This keeps my mind completely away from the “competition” mentality. It’s nice to see and stay updated on what new services are coming and being offered on the market but that is simply motivation to grow my talents and business. There’s enough money for all of us to win!

As we all know, team work makes the dream work! What’s been the most rewarding part of working in a shop among other woman who too have a special craft and what have you learned in your short time of working with these ladies?

I like to surround myself with people who aren’t afraid to dream and to be an entrepreneur and run a successful business requires you to dream. Being around women who are chasing their dreams as well actually motivates me to not give up and keep pushing. You realize that the wins and losses taken during the journey are simply just a part of the game. They keep me pushing on days that the doubts roll in. 

Imagine that right now, as 22-year-old Keanu’, that you had the opportunity to sit across from 16-year-old Keanu’… what would you say to her?

I would say to 16-year-old Keanu not to be discouraged that your life and journey is different from many around you. Things were a lot different from others but GOD knew exactly what he was doing and found a way to connect it all for his good. Like Jeezy says, TRUST THE PROCESS!

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out who too wants to be in the beauty industry, what would it be?

My biggest piece of advice to someone just starting out is to be open-minded and willing to learn anything! That is very important in the beauty industry. When starting out, it took me much longer than I expected to grasp the technique of Microblading but I had already quit my job. Instead of returning back to the corporate life for financial support, I was open to learning eyebrow tinting, which was never the initial plan. I wanted to offer strictly Microblading but tinting is currently my number one service.

I am a sucker for motivation memes! I love to read things that influence me to go harder in what I do! What is your favorite quote or affirmation that you constantly go back to as motivation?

Many laugh when I say this but I PROMISE it makes a difference! I LOVE watching motivational videos on YouTube and listening to recorded motivational seminars. My favorite speakers are Eric Thomas, Gary Vee, and Les Brown! This whole journey involves mental work as well and those speakers are great at rewiring your brain to the “JUST WIN” way of thinking. The last few months working my corporate job, I listened to videos and podcast daily to keep myself thinking positive through the trials and inspired. I also LOVEEE Jeezy so listening to his music motivates me to grind 10x harder!

A #BossBae is a woman with beauty, brains, and a fearless drive to succeed in her passions. Describe your inner #BossBae and tell us why you’re apart of this elite group of Boss Girls!  

My inner #BossBae is the working woman who believes the unseen, continuing to motivate/push daily to not only become a better version of herself, but also to motivate and inspire others to be what/ whoever the heart destined to be. I’m a part of this elite group of woman because I understand that we are given one life to live and believe that I’m capable of much more than I once limited myself to be/do. 


Thanks Keanu’ for an awesome interview! Ladies if you live within the Kentucky area make sure you visit The Black Label Artistry shop and get slayed!! Don’t forget to follow Keanu’s social media pages as well which are linked above below her pictures! 

Thanks for reading!

Peace, Blessings, & Therapy,


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