#BossBae | Jasmine; The ultimate nurse goal-getter!

I’m pleased to introduce this months #BossBae Jasmine! She is a wife, a mother, and a striving 24 year old young professional in the medical field. Jasmine is the definition of a young mother who beat all the obstacles against her! As a successful labor and delivery registered nurse, Jasmine motivates other young people to go after their nursing dreams, no matter how difficult the journey may get!

“The most rewarding part about being a nurse is the smile I see on my patients’ faces. It sound cliché, but their reactions let me know that I’m doing something right.

Jasmine, you are so inspirational to other young mothers to never give up on their career goals! How did becoming a mother at young age shape you into the woman you are today?

Having my daughter Brooklyn at the age of 16 made me everything I am today! I always say that my daughter saved me from myself. I always knew I had goals, but as a teenager I had a wild side that kept me on the edge of trouble. When she was born I knew I’d have to sacrifice a lot of the people I associated with in order to make a better life for her, so I did just that. Before she was born becoming successful was a choice, when I looked at her sweet face I KNEW I had to make it happen. Your mom typically sets the standards of what a woman is. I want to set the bar high for my children so that they can be better than me.

Graduation pictures; Jasmine and her daughter Brooklyn.

It’s no secret nursing school can be difficult. How was your nursing school experience?  What kept you motivated to keep going ? 

Nursing school was hard, in all honesty. I was a single mother at the time, and with demanding clinical hours, sometimes I only worked 1 day a week. It challenged my mind and my faith in a lot of ways but God pulled me through every time. My family and my daughter were cheering me on, I knew I couldn’t let them down. I went through nursing school with some of my best friends so we were able to rely on each other.

What intrigued you to want to become a labor and delivery nurse and what qualifications landed you this dream job?

I had a baby really young; at 16 years old. I just remember the compassion that the nurses had that were taking care of me during my stay and I remember thinking I want to be just like them. Labor and delivery gives me an adrenaline rush that I haven’t found elsewhere.

At the time when I applied for the job I had a lot of experience in different healthcare settings as a Certified Nurse Aide. I had done long-term care, home health, pediatric med/surg, antepartum, and postpartum. I had also done Norton’s externship program in the summer of 2016 then stayed on as a Nurse Apprentice until I graduated nursing school.

“Becoming a nurse has been my dream for as long as I can remember. My whole family is filled with nurses. My mom, my grandma, my aunt, and my older sister.”

What advice do you have for aspiring nurses? What qualities and skills should they  sharpen up on in order to succeed in nursing school or in the nursing field?

HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF. I’ve seen a lot of people drop out of nursing school because they say it’s too hard or I hear them say “I’m not smart enough to be a nurse.” I’m a strong believer in the saying, “Life’s greatest accomplishments are those that, at first, seem impossible.” Keeping yourself organized is also a major key when it comes to getting through nursing school. Keep planners, phone reminders, and make sure your job knows your school schedule.

I’m sure nursing can be have it’s high and lows. Can you share with our readers a personal challenge or failure story from either nursing school or from being a nurse that helped you become a better nurse.

I had taken care of a patient and delivered her baby. Shortly after the delivery her heart rate skyrocketed to over 150 beats per minute. A normal adult heart rate should be anywhere between 60-100 BPM. I totally ignored that sign, thinking that maybe she was excited about her baby and that’s why her heart rate spiked. I gave report to the night shift nurse and went home. The next morning my Assistant Nurse Manager called me to inform me that overnight, the patient I had taken care of ended up being diagnosed with a metastatic cancer that had spread pretty much to all of her major organs and there was a cancerous tumor growing on a major artery, which caused her heart rate to jump. It could have dissected that artery and killed her. I failed like a complete failure as a nurse. How could I have been so passive about her heart rate to the point it almost killed her? From then on I have been very detailed in my assessments and I let nothing slip through the loop holes.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now professionally? Any plans to further your nursing career?

This summer I will begin my master’s program to become a Family Nurse Practitioner at Spalding University! In 5 years I see myself in a local Kroger Little Clinic or Women’s Health Facility or serving as a Primary Care Provider.

“I graduated from UofL with my Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN). I’ve been a Labor and delivery nurse for 2 years. I also do Pediatric Psych and I’m an OB clinical instructor for Indiana University southeast.”

I am aware nurses can work long and strenuous hours. How do you balance being a mother and wife while being a young professional in a demanding field?

My husband and I try to take dates once or twice every few weeks. In the past we have done 2 or 3 small getaways in a year. It’s a way to help rejuvenate our love and maintain a healthy environment for the kids. It’s super challenging to find any “mommy and daddy” time with a house full of 4 kids and a dog! With my kids I try to do special things with them whether its take them to the park, go to a museum, or even as simple as teaching them how to ride their bikes or cook a meal. I don’t bring the stress of work to my home and vice versa. I leave it at the door. These moments with family fly by so fast and I don’t want to be so caught up in my career that I let those moments pass by.

“I’m a mom of 4 (2 biologically, 2 bonus children). My kids names are Trinity (8 yo), Brooklyn (7yo), Alohni (6 yo), Jaxson (15months old)”.

Speaking of your marriage, you wedding day blew up and went super viral last year because of your husband’s beautiful emotional reaction to you coming down the aisle! How do you respond to negativity regarding your beautiful biracial union to your husband Alex?

After our wedding video went viral, my husband and I received a lot of criticism from racists. Sadly, it was mainly racist African-Americans. They told us that our love is “plantation love” and that I only married him for his family’s money. Neither one of us came from a lot of money, but my family had more money than his growing up so some of these assumptions were ridiculous. We just shook it off. We also get a lot of stares from older caucasian people when we go out to eat or other public areas. We’ll do something affectionate like kiss or hold hands to give them something to stare at.

“I’ve been married  to my husband Alex for 6 months but we’ve been together since 2015”.

A #BossBae is a woman with beauty, brains, and a fearless drive to succeed in her passions. Describe your inner #BossBae and tell us why you’re apart of this elite group of Boss Girls!

I am a Goal Getter! I don’t back down in the face of adversity. I have always done things my way and I get the job done every time. I support other women in their endeavors which an important part in being a boss. It takes one to know one!

Thanks Jasmine for an awesome interview! I am certain you have inspired all of my aspiring health care readers with your story! Don’t forget to follow Jasmine’s social media page https://www.instagram.com/jazz_exquisite/

Thanks for reading!

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